Porsche Car Repair in Chandler

Expert Porsche car repair services in Chandler Arizona.

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Porsche Car Repair in Chandler

Expert Porsche car repair services in Chandler Arizona.

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Following a collision, it is crucial to prioritize top-tier repair services for your vehicle. At Chandler Collision, we specialize in delivering unparalleled repair solutions specifically for your Porsche. Utilizing our advanced expertise, we swiftly identify issues, procure premium replacement parts, and meticulously restore your car to ensure it is returned to you in impeccable condition.

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Porsche Car Repair Services We Provide

Depend on our experienced team to manage any repair project you require. Our services span a diverse range of repairs, including:

  • Body panel repair
  • Painting and refinishing
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Frame straightening
  • Alignment and suspension repair
  • Glass replacement
  • Airbag system replacement
  • Diagnostic scans
  • Electrical system diagnostics and repairs
  • Safety inspections
  • Engine repair
  • Transmission repair
  • Brake system repairs and replacements
  • Steering system repairs
  • Air conditioning and heating system repairs
  • Exhaust system maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel system diagnostics and service
  • Tire replacement and alignment

Trust our authorized team to expertly handle the routine servicing needs of your vehicle, encompassing oil changes, fluid level checks, engine maintenance, transmission care, and adjustments to optimize performance.

Get help from the best in the Porsche auto repair industry.

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Why Choose Chandler Collision For Your Porsche Car Repair

Our team offers prompt and clear-cut services, reducing your vehicle’s downtime and eliminating unnecessary stress. We are committed to expertly restoring your vehicle’s appearance to its pre-accident condition.


Armed with years of experience, our collision repair specialists are highly skilled in servicing all models of Porsche vehicles. You can depend on their expertise and proficiency to promptly address any collision repair needs.



Recognizing your strong bond with your vehicle drives us to swiftly return it to you. Our dedication guarantees prompt, reliable, and top-notch repair services for your car.


After a collision, if your vehicle is in a condition to be driven, we advise you to come to our garage for an immediate assessment. Our professionals will examine the damage and offer you an estimate of the repair costs along with the expected completion timeframe.


If your car cannot be driven following a collision, our towing services are at the ready to promptly transport it to our repair facility. Don't hesitate to contact us whenever you require assistance, and we'll quickly coordinate the towing service for you. With strong relationships established with multiple towing companies in the vicinity, we ensure that our clients receive timely and reliable support.



Recognizing the inconvenience of being without your car while it's in the repair process after a collision, we provide rental vehicles to all our clients. This allows you to carry on with your daily life seamlessly while we diligently work on restoring your vehicle to its optimal condition.


Regardless of the specific area of damage in your vehicle, we can effortlessly repair it using new automotive components.


With our licensing and certification, we specialize in delivering top-tier custom and luxury auto body repairs, alongside collision repair services, in Chandler. Rest assured, your vehicle is given meticulous attention by our specialists, ensuring a speedy turnaround.


We serve our customers by providing unsurpassed professional collision repair service.
Our technicians are rigorously trained and certified to work with every make and model of vehicle on the road.




The Best Quality

The people at Scottsdale Collision Centerdid a fantastic job repairing my BMW! The car looks as good as new. I’m a member of the BMW CCA Roadrunner Chapter and there is a reason our members recommend Oscar and Scottsdale Collision Center, and why we have them on our Preferred Vendor List. Kudos!

Ed Burchenal
I normally don’t write reviews but this business owner deserve it! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Right now is very hard to find a business or a person that you can trust and that you know they are not just behind your money! Oscar the owner is an amazing person!! He made sure I was inform of everything and help me with some other details! Thank you once again! I’m sure More blessing coming ur way!! Keep up the good work with your clients!
Llamilet Figueroa
A good friend of mine reccomended SCC to me when I was looking for a place to take my car in after I was rear ended. Needless to say I checked them out and I could have not been any more pleased with their work and amazing customer service. The guys at SCC stayed in touch throughout the whole process and I was able to have my baby back in no time. Thank you for your excellent work!
Maggie Aldana
Amazing people!!! They go above and beyond, highly recommended!! Totally top notch quality!!!!
Mica Walker Badini
Where do I begin? My car had a lovely encounter with a key from the front fender to the rear tail light. I brought my car in for a FREE ESTIMATE where I met with an incredible team who were friendly and very professional. Oscar, told me what the price would be and told me when they would be availabile to get my car done (that same week). I never felt pressured like I had to get it done right away or even get it done from them for that matter. I waited about two weeks then went back. The price was the same and they took my car and I had it back with in 2 days. My car came back perfect, looking brand new and CLEANED! It was amazing. I ultimately went the Scottsdale auto collision because the return time was fast and they were all very personable oh not to mention no other shop could beat the Price they gave me. So if you want the job done right with in a timely manner by professionals I highly recommend this business! Thanks guys you da bomb!
Krystal Flebotte Granados

I recommend Scottsdale Collision as they got my truck in and out in a timely manner and above all did a tremendous job on the repair. I am using them in the future for some other beauty mods. Thanks Scottdale Collision for making my ride a beauty again!

Jen Peyton
After a little fender bender we started getting quotes around the valley SCC was beyond the most reasonable and friendly, not only did I get our car repaired but my parents also took their vehicles to get their minor repairs done as well! I would recommend to anyone, they earned a customer for life.
Victoria A. Mena
Best shop in town hands down! awesome staff and awesome work. thanks Oscar and thanks Scottsdale collision center.
Kevin S. Zapata
From dealing with insurance, estimate work and speedy quality repair, there’s no doubt in my mind this is the best body place in the valley. You’ve earned my business for life. Thank you!
Dave Tunison

I was looking for a place to get my bumper replaced, everywhere I called from the Manufacturer to other collision centers the price was way out of wack. I messaged Oscar and his team and from the moment we talked to the moment he sent my video of how beautiful my car looked, everything was so seamless. GREAT WORK, GREAT COMMUNICATION, GREAT PRICE, just overall GREAT GUYS! Oscar and his team worked out dropping my car off, gave my girlfriend a ride back to work in the middle of the work day, was completely flexible and reasonable in the entire process. If you are looking to get body work done, stop looking, go to Scottsdale Collision Center they won’t let you down.

Tim Combs

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Porsche After a Collision?

The duration of your car repair is contingent upon various factors. Once we’ve conducted a thorough scan and assessment, we’re happy to offer you an estimate.

Porsche Car Repair Shop

Scottsdale Collision Center: Expert Porsche Car Repair Shop in Chandler

Chandler Collision Center is well-known for its proficiency in auto body repair, serving clients across Arizona with commitment and professionalism. With experience in addressing minor dents to major repairs, we’ve garnered the trust and satisfaction of customers in Chandler, Tempe, and surrounding areas. If your luxury vehicle needs care, feel free to reach out to us or stop by our center for personalized service and expert craftsmanship.

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Chandler Collision Center: Porsche Car Repair
Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! Following a thorough assessment of your vehicle, our team will gladly provide you with an estimate detailing the cost of the necessary services.
Repairs for Porsche vehicles may be covered by warranty, but the length of coverage can vary. Porsche commonly offers a limited warranty of 4 years or up to 50,000 miles, and extended warranties may be available for specific components. To understand your warranty coverage better, we recommend reviewing the terms or contacting Porsche dealers for assistance.
If paint restorations become necessary, you can trust that our team is fully capable of precisely matching the paint, ensuring your Porsche maintains its impeccable appearance.
Whenever feasible, we choose Porsche parts for repairs. Before starting any repairs, we’ll consult with you to discuss any particular requirements. Our main goal is to preserve your vehicle’s high performance and maintain its status as a luxury automobile.
Absolutely, as your vehicle goes through substantial repairs, we’ll furnish you with a rental car. Understanding the significance of your daily obligations, our aim is to ensure your convenience and make this repair period effortless for you.